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Caroline/Red Deer

Brand new office opening in Central Alberta

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for 2 dentists – one with acquired and advanced dental skills, and one may suit a more junior ‘newer-grad’ colleague. 


  1. located in Central Alberta – one of the best homes in western Canada that is still affordable residentially in the foothills of the Rockies. 
  2. Have you seen the terms ‘High Tech’?  We prove it.  Our 2 offices boast Solea Laser, complete Implantology and surgical kits, CBCT, Invisalign with Itero scanner, latest 2022 Cerec with  Primescan, SpeedFire, bridge capable milling machines, and SureSmile (Dentsply training inhouse). Manufacturer training for Cerec 1 & 2 including flights, hotels, dining, and is scheduled for the chosen candidate. Our Solea Laser training is on site by manufacturer.
  3. Our past successful Associates have achieved a 6 figures per month track record, with the finest mentoring opportunity possible. Our single GP office places over 300 dental implants annually, and we train our Associates with this same goal in mind.  An ‘average’ day production is 6 G – ‘not uncommon’ is 8 G – and days over 10 G dentist production are more common than one might imagine. 
  4. We are NOT corporate offices.  Privately owned, and boast the most advanced VidaShield anti-COVID air quality systems ($100 G per office) to ensure maximum team and patient safety.

We have a proven track record, and a steady stream of patients because we have invested MORE in professional dental marketing than anyone in our area.  Our Associate candidate will master the art and technique of successful treatment planning and completion.  We also provide our  team approach to the ‘business’ and camaraderie component of running a practice for 2023, which you were never taught in dental school! 

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