Dentist Unhappy with Customer Service


I am writing about my experiences with Zila Dental and its Rotadent automatic toothbrush product line.

When this product was originally launched, I found it to be a good, reliable product. The product also came with a lifetime warranty. Given the substantial cost of these automatic toothbrushes, we used this long-term guarantee as a major selling point with our patients.

It appears that the distributor of Rotadent products has changed over the years and the current distributor in Canada is now Zila Dental. I can only speculate, but it seems that the manufacturer of the Rotadent toothbrush heads has also changed. Now, bristles seem to come out within the first few brushings and the heads often seize up within a short period of time.

These defects forced us to contact Zila’s customer service representatives to have several toothbrush heads replaced. These representatives have become unreceptive to our inquiries, to the point where they will no longer replace any more toothbrush heads for us. We have also heard complaints from some of our patients about poor customer service when they inquire about the lifetime warranty of the product.

When I tried to raise these concerns with Zila Dental they did not respond. Because of all of these factors, we have decided to no longer sell any of the Rotadent automatic toothbrush product line to our patients.

Dr. Ronald Gibb
Edmonton, Alberta

Note: JCDA contacted Zila Dental via email about Dr. Gibb’s letter but we did not receive a response.