Gummy Bear Vitamins


I am writing today about the problems I’ve witnessed with gummy bear vitamins. I recently saw one particular brand of these so-called “vitamins” that was promoting the inclusion of omega-3 among its ingredients. However, the 2 main non-medicinal ingredients were glucose syrup and glucose. This brand also recommended taking up to 4 vitamins per day!

I continue to see very young children developing rampant interproximal decay and, more often than not, their parents are giving them gummy bear vitamins. Many of these parents tell me the vitamins were recommended by their family doctor. I would urge CDA to organize a taskforce to address this situation. Perhaps the profession can mandate warning labels on these products, reminding parents that children should brush and floss after consumption. I am profoundly irked that parents give these vitamins to their children with seemingly good intentions, but often with dire consequences for the child’s teeth.

Dr. Alex Galo
Port Coquitlam, BC