Praise for JCDA Update


In reading the April JCDA Update email, it occurred to me what a great format this is to receive information. The letter from Dr. Brian Barrett (a former classmate of mine) on the geriatric dental care crisis was great, as was the debate article by Dr. Howard Tenenbaum (a mentor from the University of Toronto) on the oral–systemic health connection. And the analysis of curing lights by Dr. Richard Price (a colleague and friend in our office) was also outstanding. Dr. Price continues to contribute to the true science of our profession.

This concept of true science brought to mind the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. I believe all dentists could benefit from reading this book, as it shows why dentistry needs to conduct more clinical trials if we want to continue calling ourselves a profession. Whenever I am asked to speak to groups, I always try to spend some time explaining the tenets and scientific methods of the Cochrane Collaboration—at least as best as my failing intellect will allow! Thank you to JCDA for continuing to provide a professional journal that we can all be proud of.

Dr. Andrew Thompson
Halifax, Nova Scotia