JCDA Bulletin: Introducing JCDA Clinical Q&A


November 2, 2012


JCDA Bulletin

Introducing JCDA Clinical Q&A

I am pleased to present to you JCDA Clinical Q&A, our newest addition to the JCDA suite of clinical support tools. We encourage dentists to subscribe to this blog site, follow the JCDA Clinical Q&A, and submit burning clinical questions to jcdablogs.ca.

Here, you can find rapid expert responses to some of our most recent user-submitted questions: How do I manage postoperative bleeding following periodontal surgery? and Is there an accepted protocol for managing peri-implantitis?

These questions were submitted and answered by expert colleagues. If you would like to submit your own question, you can follow the steps described in our guide on how to submit your own anonymous questions.

As you explore jcdablogs.ca, we hope that you comment on the posted articles and carry forward discussion and collaboration on important clinical topics identified by your colleagues. If you wish, you have the option to identify yourself or remain anonymous.

We are happy to announce that Coronation Dental Specialty Group (CDSG) has joined us as collaborator on jcdablogs.ca. Their first post, "How would you design the surgical flap for this case? The ectopic canine" is now live. Dr. Ian Furst is spearheading this collaboration initiative.

If you find our posts valuable and interesting, please do share this knowledge with your friends, colleagues, and professional network and spread the word about this new JCDA feature. At the end of each post, you have the options to share this post with any colleagues that are on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and email contact networks. I am sharing through my own Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@johnnyokeefe) networks. I invite you to follow me on any of these networks and follow JCDA on Twitter (@JCDATweets).


Dr. John O'Keefe
Director, Knowledge Networks
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