Keeping CDAnet Up to Date


Approximately 82% of Canadian dentists transmit dental claims electronically. As of October 2012, over 9,000 dental offices across Canada—representing close to 14,000 dentists—use CDAnet. Over 500,000 dental claims are transmitted each week from individual CDAnet offices.

A CDAnet subscription ensures that only authorized dentists can submit electronic dental claims and supporting information to claims processors. A subscription agreement must be signed by the dentist for each office location from which the dentist will submit electronic claims.

Why update your information with CDAnet?

Informing CDAnet of any changes to your profile is an important part of protecting you and your practice against insurance fraud and can help ensure that claims are efficiently and accurately processed. All changes to CDAnet subscription information are submitted to claims processors every Tuesday and Thursday, although it may take up to 10 business days for claims processors to update their systems.

As part of the subscription agreement, subscribers must inform CDAnet of the following details:

  • Change in unique identification number (UIN)—this changes when a dentist becomes a certified specialist or if there is change to license status.
  • Change in dentist name
  • Departure of a dentist from an office
  • Change in office address  
  • Change in office practice management software
  • Addition or closure of a CDAnet office

To confirm that the information maintained in the CDAnet registry is up to date, CDAnet sends office profiles to all CDAnet offices on a regularly scheduled basis or when changes have been made to CDAnet subscription information. Office profiles can also be sent by request and should always be reviewed for accuracy.

CDAnet takes additional measures to ensure the information in its registry is accurate and complete. Changes to a dentist's profile are confirmed with the appropriate provincial dental licensing body and membership status is confirmed with the provincial dental association.

How to Update CDAnet

All forms can be downloaded at To have the forms faxed to your office, call the CDAnet Help Desk at 1-800-267-9701. Completed CDAnet forms can be sent by email to or by fax to 613-523-7070.