Oasis Bulletin: How Would You Save A Tooth With An Open Apex?

December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012



A new Clinical Case has been posted on the JCDA Clinical Q&A website (www.jcdablogs.ca). Dr. Ian Furst, from Coronation Dental Specialty Group, in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Abitbol, endodontist, are presenting the clinical case How would you save a tooth with an open apex? Help plan the case with this interactive review of regenerative endodontics.

Other recently featured clinical questions include “How would you design the surgical flap for this case? The ectopic canine.” and “My next patient is diabetic: what are the implications for the dental treatment I provide?” Visit our website to view comments from your colleagues and responses from our experts.

In other News, we are happy to announce that the University of Toronto Graduate Radiology and Restorative Programs, Prosthodontic Associates, and Dabuleanu Dental have joined us as partners on jcdablogs.ca, and other new partners are coming onstream soon. Check JCDA Clinical Q&A regularly to see these colleagues answer your everyday clinical questions.

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