Highlights from the 2013 FDI Annual World Dental Congress

October 2, 2013

Dr. Farzana Nawabi, president of the Afghanistan Dentists Association, with Dr. Peter Doig, CDA president, at the official induction ceremony of membership of the Afghanistan Dentists Association into FDI.

This year’s FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, brought together over 8000 delegates from over 150 national member associations to discuss oral and public health issues. The Canadian delegation, led by CDA president Dr. Peter Doig, also participated in two separate multilateral meetings; the North American Regional Organization (USA, Mexico, Bahamas, Barbados) and the Perth Group (Australia, Britain, USA, Japan, Korea, New Zealand).

Main outcomes of this year’s FDI Congress:

  • Approval of 5 new FDI policy statements on 1) non-communicable diseases, 2) oral health and the social determinants of health, 3) oral infection/inflammation as a risk factor for systemic diseases, 4) salivary diagnostics, and 5) Bisphenol A in dental restorative materials
  • Approval of the Istanbul Declaration, which calls upon “FDI and its member associations to support a broadened role for dentists and underline the need for dentists to redefine their role and responsibilities for improving the general health and well-being of the community they serve.”
  • Ratification of the Afghanistan Dentists Association membership in the FDI, following its nomination by CDA
  • Continued Canadian representation on FDI Council with the re-election of CDA past-president Dr. Jack Cottrell for an additional 3-year term.

Visit the FDI website to read current FDI policy statements and sign the Istanbul Declaration. The 2014 Congress will be held in New Delhi, India, from September 11–14.

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