Clinical Practice Guidelines in Dentistry: Part I. Navigating New Waters 

July 1, 2001
Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are tools, developed by and for practitioners, to assist in clinical decision making. They are designed to enhance, not replace, clinical judgement and expertise. Well-developed guidelines use the evidence-based approach. The research evidence related to a topic is assembled in a systematic, comprehensive and unbiased manner. Recommendations are made based on the evidence and practitioner feedback is sought prior to formulating the final practice guideline. There are many misperceptions about CPGs and some dentists are wary about their development and use. In this paper, we explore some of the reasons for these misperceptions, review the benefits of sound guidelines, and discuss some of the challenges for guideline development in dentistry in Canada.

MeSH Key Words: dental care/standards; evidence-based medicine; practice guidelines

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