The International Team for Implantology in Canada


The International Team for Implantology (ITI) is an international, independent academic organization of professionals in implant dentistry that promotes and disseminates knowledge about implant dentistry and its associated fields. To accomplish this goal, ITI funds research through grant competitions, supports a postgraduate program to help young dentists further their training, facilitates the communication of research findings through conferences and study clubs, and publishes evidence-based references.

International ITI consensus conferences and local meetings provide an opportunity to discuss current topics in implant dentistry and the scientific evidence related to clinical procedures. ITI also develops and publishes a series of step-by-step treatment guides to help practitioners address various clinical situations.

ITI study clubs provide a forum for professionals to raise clinically relevant questions and exchange individual expertise with colleagues about the latest developments in implant dentistry. Thirty-eight ITI study clubs across Canada are available to all dental professionals. Non-ITI members are welcome to attend up to 2 meetings as guests.

ITI membership is open to all professionals involved in implant dentistry, including dentists, physicians, researchers, certified dental technicians and registered dental hygienists. The ITI Section Canada includes 528 members and 32 fellows.

-Text by Dr. Majd Al Mardini, communications officer, ITI Section Canada