National Convention Brings Dentists Together in Winnipeg


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In January, dentists from across Canada came to Winnipeg to attend the 2014 national convention, co-hosted by CDA and the Manitoba Dental Association (MDA). As CDA president Dr. Peter Doig noted in his welcome letter to convention delegates, “A national convention is the best way to bridge the gap of our country’s geography.” It was a fitting message for a meeting that drew participants from across the country, brought together by a common interest in learning more about the latest developments from the world of dentistry.

Convention delegates enjoyed 3 days of outstanding programming. Invited speakers presented on a host of topics, touching on the clinical, business and personal aspects of practising dentistry.  A string of social events—including an ice fishing outing—ensured that convention delegates had an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make new connections.

“I have always said that the MDA convention is the unknown jewel of dental meetings in Canada,” says Dr. Doig. “To hold a warm, invigorating and exciting convention at the coldest time of the year in Canada is something unique to Manitoba and a truly Canadian experience.”

Manitoba dentists—including Dr. Doig of Dauphin—share a history of giving back to their profession. The long-standing relationship between CDA and MDA was recognized on the convention floor where a roster of Manitoba dentists involved in CDA activities (past and present) were displayed on a large screen at the CDA booth.

“To participate in this event as CDA president in my home province was special,” continues Dr. Doig. “I have received unwavering support from the MDA and the dentists of Manitoba throughout my time at CDA and I was excited to be able to express my thanks at the convention.” The list of names, along with a description of their involvement with CDA, was a reminder of the importance of individual contributions in collectively advancing the profession.

Recently, the spotlight shone on Manitoba dentistry for a different reason: an award-winning MDA hip-hop music video with a message for children about the importance of taking care of their teeth. The “We Be Brushin” video was recognized by an international advertising company, Summit International Awards, with a 2013 Visionary Award and a Leader Award.

CDA will co-host the national convention with the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Association (NLDA) from August 26-29, 2015, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Representatives from the NLDA were on hand in Winnipeg to help promote next year’s event.

Thank you to Dr. Hermann Lee, an orthodontist based in Winnipeg, who graciously volunteered to take photos at the convention.

A few words from Dr. Amarjit Rihal, MDA president

Dr. Amarjit Rihal

Personal highlights of the convention?
The highlight for me was the President’s Gala dinner on the last night. Having my CDA friends, colleagues, and members I am close with at the gala while I delivered my farewell thank you speech was truly memorable.

On co-hosting the convention with CDA?
For us, it was like having our best friends over for dinner. We are proud of the priority one projects of CDA and our Manitoba members have good representation on CDA boards and committees.

Why hold the meeting in January?
This is kind of a hot potato!  Historically, the MDA meeting has always been the second last weekend in January—not sure why. Next year, the convention will be in Brandon in April. We’ll see how that goes.

Any advice for the NLDA, next year’s convention co-host?
I think they’ve done their homework. It will be an exciting experience, and they’re doing an excellent job promoting their convention. I am scheduled to lecture there and a large group of members from here are planning to attend.