The new JCDA is going multimedia


Dr. John O'Keefe

JCDA is embracing multimedia communication and I believe the JCDA clinical article of the future is as likely to be “shot” as it will have of being written. To demonstrate this new audiovisual orientation, I draw your attention to:

  • A 17-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation on managing calcified canals by Dr. Mary Dabuleanu, a Toronto-based endodontist.

  • A YouTube video demonstration of MARC, an instrument to measure light energy emitted from curing lights, by Dr. Richard Price of Dalhousie University. View this 6-minute video as part of a research article authored by Dr. Price.

  • 9-minute Audio interview with Belgian researcher Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek, which complements his article about composite bond strengths that was chosen for the most recent edition of JCDA Express.

If you have an interest in generating a new audiovisual presentation for JCDA, or having an existing presentation of yours disseminated through, please contact me. I look forward to working with you on future multimedia projects.


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