Copycat Dental Laboratory and Supplier Websites


The Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) is advising its members about an increase in the number of illegitimate “copycat” websites of dental laboratories or suppliers found on the Internet.

Unauthorized dealers are recreating legitimate dental websites to promote the sale of discounted products to dentists. These fake websites copy, but not exactly, the logos and colours of legitimate websites to give the appearance of being affiliated with a reputable laboratory or supplier.

DIAC has asked its members (which include laboratories, dealers and manufacturers) to perform periodic online searches on the use of their company names and likeness.

Dentists can also help by informing DIAC if they come across any dental websites that appear to be promoting an illegitimate affiliation.

“We would appreciate being informed of any such occurrences and would ask that you copy and save the offending website pages immediately, as these can often change quickly,” says Bernie Teitelbaum, executive director of DIAC.

Any details of copycat websites can be sent to Mr. Teitelbaum at