Advisory on Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Powered Toothbrushes


Health Canada is advising the public about new safety information for the battery-powered Arm & Hammer Spinbrush series of toothbrushes, following reports of adverse events in the United States associated with these products.

To date, Health Canada has received one adverse event report on this product and it did not involve an injury.

The toothbrush manufacturer is advising consumers to replace brush heads after 3 months of use or when brushes are damaged or become loose. The following Arm & Hammer toothbrush models are affected:

  • Spin Brush Swirl
  • Kid's Spin Brush
  • Spin Brush Pro Whitening
  • Spin Brush Whitening Sonic
  • Spin Brush Kids My Way
  • Spin Brush Globrush
  • Spin Brush Pro Clean Sonic
  • Spin Brush Pro Clean Sonic Rechargeable
  • Spin Brush Pro Clean
  • Spin Brush Pro Clean Rechargeable
  • Spin Brush Pro Select
  • Spin Brush Pro Sensitive

Any adverse reactions associated with the use of these products can be reported to Health Canada at