New Resources for Providing Care to Older Adults


Researchers and community partners, led by a team from Dalhousie University, have developed new resources to promote optimal oral care in long-term care (LTC) and home care settings. As previously reported in JCDA, the Brushing Up on Mouth Care project resources can be used to educate staff working in continuing care settings. 

  • The Brushing Up on Mouth Care educational resources and materials are now available in French. These resources are for staff in LTC settings and include care cards, tool kits, posters and information sheets on brushing, flossing and common oral conditions.
  • The Facilitator Guide provides an education plan and teaching tools for 3 target audiences: LTC facilities, home support agencies and continuing care assistant education programs. There are PowerPoint slides and speaking notes for 4 sessions related to LTC and home care settings: assessment and care planning, brushing techniques and oral health products, considerations for dementia and palliative care, and a session tailored to either LTC or home care settings.
  •  A recording of the webinar, “Bringing Optimal Oral Care to Your Workplace,” provides an overview of the Facilitator Guide. It covers topics such as proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques, and how to manage challenging behaviours.
  • Guiding principles for LTC and home care were established to provide clear expectations for the recipients of care and define staff roles and responsibilities in delivering mouth care.

Visit the Brushing Up on Mouth Care website to access these resources and find out more about the project.