Spotlight on Dr. Pierre Desautels: Long-Time JCDA Contributor


Dr. Pierre Desautels

For the last 31 years, Dr. Pierre Desautels of Montreal has helped JCDA deliver high-quality clinical content to French-speaking dentists in Canada. He joined the JCDA team in 1981 when he was appointed scientific editor for articles submitted in French. Now serving as an editorial consultant, Dr. Desautels reviews the translation of all JCDA clinical and research articles, to ensure that the terminology is accurate and coherent from a dentist’s perspective. “Dr. Desautels’ contribution to JCDA is outstanding, and our staff members love working with him. We’re delighted to be collaborating closely with such an experienced and skilled contributor,” says Dr. John O’Keefe, CDA director of knowledge networks.

Dr. Desautels was a professor and researcher at the University of Montreal faculty of dentistry for more than 30 years. The Order of Dentists of Quebec—for which he has served as spokesperson—developed its position on dental amalgam based on one of Dr. Desautels’ expert reports.

Dr. Desautels has received 2 CDA awards—the Award of Merit (1991) and the Distinguished Service Award (1998)—in recognition of his remarkable contribution to dentistry in Canada.