National Network for Canadian Oral Health Research Announces Workshop Winners


The National Network for Canadian Oral Health Research (NCOHR) has announced two winning applications for its inaugural Collaborative Team Building Workshop competition.

Dr. Gilles Lavigne (University of Montreal) will lead a workshop that will engage researchers in establishing a Canadian Chronic Orofacial Pain Team.  Workshop participants will investigate novel approaches to oral pain in terms of diagnosis, management, risk factors and mechanisms. Researchers from a variety of fields, including oral medicine, brain imaging and neuroscience, and complementary and alternative medicine, will be invited to participate.

Drs. Mary McNally (Dalhousie University) and Robert Schroth (University of Manitoba) co-authored a winning proposal for a workshop aimed at developing a new strategy for addressing the disparities in oral health experienced by Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. The workshop will bring together representatives of aboriginal communities with a cross-disciplinary team that includes researchers, clinicians, and health promoters.

The competition was open to researchers from the 10 Canadian dental schools. Applications were evaluated, in part, for their potential to develop collaborative interdisciplinary teams comprised of people involved in, or affected by, an oral health-related issue, including researchers outside the traditional oral health field. The winning applications were awarded $25 000 each to support travel and meeting expenses for the proposed workshops. Dates and locations of the workshops have not been finalized.