CDA Initiative to Help Promote First Dental Visit


In January, CDA coordinated a national survey of Canadian dentists to measure the attitudes and activities of practitioners on first dental visits. The survey is part of the “First Visit to Dentist by Age One” initiative—a project intended to help fight early childhood caries in Canada.

The survey data will help to understand dentists’ needs with regards to treating children in their practice. “The analysis will determine the requirements for an internal communications effort directed at dentists on the benefits of a first visit by age one,” explains Dr. Mitch Taillon, chair of the National Coordinating Working Group on Access to Care and CDA Board member for Saskatchewan. “The intention is to share current best practices—an essential tool for every dentist to fight early childhood caries.”

The next phase of this project includes CDA launching an awareness campaign to reach out to other Canadian health care professionals on the importance of early visits to the dentist. “Health professionals involved in pre- and post-natal care can be great advocates on early dental visits and we plan to explore educational and preventive opportunities with these groups,” adds Dr. Taillon.