PHAC Adds Oral Health Promotion to its Best Practices Portal


The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) recently added Oral Health Promotion as one of the components of its Canadian Best Practices Portal’s Public Health Topics.

This new section provides information from Canada and abroad to help plan and develop programs that promote oral health and prevent chronic disease. The available resources are divided into 4 categories: data on oral health, strategies on promoting oral health, guidance on what works in promoting oral health, and systematic reviews of the research.

The section also links to the Best Practice Interventions webpage, which includes successful Canadian community interventions in oral health promotion—ranging from strategic planning and dental surveillance to oral health promotion for specific groups of the population.

In addition to the pre-established PHAC inclusion criteria for best practice programs, the Oral Health Promotion section takes into account access to care, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, and community involvement to determine the interventions that follow best practices.

Visit the Canadian Best Practice Portal to learn more about the inclusion criteria for programs. If you would like to submit best practice information on a particular community program, please use the online form.